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The grill, the star of the kitchen: burger king! Maybe you are one of the many people who are eager to make money from the Internet but, you feel confused about the method you are going to use. If you are inclined to fill out surveys for large companies such as Burger King then you are on the right track as this is one of the serious and reliable entities. The cooking process, except the introduction and removal of the meat, is automated, as most actions are carried out in the kitchen with the idea of maintaining product quality standards and is that the level of detail goes beyond of what one could imagine. And it is that everything is measured millimeter and thought, from how the meat is placed once cooked, until how the wrapper of each burger is folded.

Fresh product arrives at restaurants every other day, and hamburger vegetables are cut on the premises repeatedly. And is that although the tomato slices look identical, the vegetables are cut in the room with special a machine that makes them have such an iconic and determined shape! When one goes to their restaurants, the client’s view reaches just beyond the counter, but behind it, there is an architecture that seeks efficiency, hygiene, and product quality. Everything is thought out in detail so that every Whopper knows the same in any restaurant in the world.

The kitchen of each Burger King is like a clock, everything is made up of small parts that fit together in such a way that everything works correctly. In the middle of a hustle and bustle of sounds, timers, and utensils, everything is designed so that your workers are as operational as possible with a coordinated work. The idyll between Burger King and the people is evident, that is why the fast-food chain advocates “tightening ties” and encouraging “closeness” to the market. To do so, they have opted for communication work, social networking strategy or the disembarkation in their own home delivery, but how is Burger King’s kitchen inside?


The direction of this particular orchestra is controlled by the person in charge of each shift supported by software that indicates, in addition to the state of the kitchen, all the steps to follow to keep it clean and safe. And as with the quantities and times of preparation, each Burger King also has a series of cleaning, decontamination, and food safety protocols so that nothing can affect the customer. When an employee goes to work on his shift, the first thing he does is to wear the uniform that is not worn outside the restaurant. Once changed, they go to wash their hands with an eight-step protocol, which is repeated every time they stop handling food (like going to the store) or if not every so often.

Mybkexperience – Steps for Burger King Survey: 

  • When you have already ordered at a Burger King restaurant, simply by entering the code of your last ticket and filling in this online survey!
  • In return, they will give you a code of exchange that you can give in physical restaurants or on the home delivery website.


Why it is important to conduct “Satisfaction surveys” in the catering business. Maybe many find them as something cumbersome and a means to annoy the customer.

The people in charge of the Burger King fast food restaurant chain want to know your opinion about the service they are giving today. For this, when you take something in one of its premises, you will receive a ticket where you will be informed of the web address to which you can access to answer a questionnaire. For the effort, you will receive a discount coupon. In principle, once you enter the website indicated on the ticket, you only have to add the number of the restaurant where you were. Then they will ask you what you took, what time you did it, how many people were with you, and if your request was related to minors (we assume that because of improving the service to the little ones).

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The Burger King survey is not too long and will allow you to assess many aspects of the restaurant you were in, in addition to asking for improvements in some topics (for example, that the cooks wear hats or hair collected). But for those who think so, I would like them to also take into account its positive aspects. First, they reflect an interest of the person or company by the client. If you are interested in really knowing what your customers think about your work or simply what they think, a proof of this is to make a satisfaction survey where the client can freely express their opinions.

The client was asked to evaluate different aspects of the establishment, such as speed, cleaning, furniture, etc. Burger King is doing a survey among its clients to know how we value the attention to the public and the quality of the food, what is our opinion about the fast food and what could be improved of your company. In return, we offer a discount on the order of two cheeseburgers and a medium-sized drink, which would cost only € 2.99. And the possibility was offered to indicate something they would not like. If you are interested in accessing the offer you have to go to any Burger King and keep the ticket of your order because it will appear a code with which you can access the page and fill out the form with the questions.

At the end of the process, you will receive a new code that, once presented in a chain establishment, guarantees the discount. It was a free field of the survey, where the client could express what he thought fit. A large number of surveys were studied and in many of them, a similar complaint was expressed. Surprisingly, the complaints did not refer to the staff, the cleaning, or the product. This common complaint in many of the surveys was about the size of napkins. The customers commented that when you eat a hamburger with your hands, you get lost and that the napkins were small so you could clean properly and you needed several units to do it, which was a nuisance.


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