How To Prevent High Spikes In Blood Sugar


In our daily diet, we must not forget at any time that the products that increase our blood sugar are very harmful to our body. To this, we must add habits of a healthy life.

Hyperglycemia and high blood sugar spikes can cause important diseases, such as diabetes. Even without reaching this extreme, we can experience some symptoms of excessive consumption of these sugars.

Weight loss, increased thirst, and constant fatigue is warnings that should not go unnoticed. This is just the beginning, but things could get worse.

Some patients experience blurred vision, swollen skin or drowsiness. In the case of patients with type I and II diabetes, both breathing and heart rate are difficult. In any case, the important thing is to prevent this state and there are methods to do so.

Tips to prevent high blood sugar spikes


Drink a lot of liquid

Avoiding dehydration is one of our objectives in the face of hyperglycemia. In fact, drinking plenty of water is both a preventive measure and part of the recovery treatment.

If we let our body become dehydrated, it will bring us other difficulties that will worsen our state of health. Any natural liquid is good, as long as it does not have simple sugars.

Keep a record of blood sugar

With an adequate analysis of glycemia or hemoglobin A1C, we can know if we are controlling blood sugar.

The people with diabetes know that control is its main ally. In fact, we should all have some revision and constancy of these levels. Those who are prone to suffer from this disease, usually know what are the permitted limits of blood glucose.

The most important thing is to measure glucose before meals. At that time, it should be between 80 and 130 mg /dL. It is normal that this indicator increases after the consumption of food. We will also have to make measurements after eating, reaching a maximum limit of 180 mg / dL.

At present, there are special devices that allow us to know in seconds how is our glucose. But even if we do not have a meter, there is another mechanism to have a fairly updated control.

The hemoglobin A1C test: the start of glucose control

For those who have never controlled their blood sugar levels, there is a hemoglobin A1C test. This is a blood test that allows us to average the state of our glucose during the last three months. It is an excellent starting point to have control of this body indicator.

The method is based on the measurement of hemoglobin. This component present in red blood cells picks up glucose when it is high in the blood. Since the average life of a red blood cell is 120 days, the measurement will indicate the average glycemia at that time.

The correct thing would be for everyone to do this medical examination about twice a year. From it, we can take better care of ourselves and the specialist can send us a special diet or treatment. In any case, it is always good to have a glucometer to keep a daily record.

Avoid smoking

An inappropriate lifestyle plays an important role in the development of diabetes and other related metabolic diseases.

Vices are an inexhaustible source of diseases. Nowadays it is known that there is a relationship between the increase in glucose and tobacco; Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid diabetes is not to smoke.

Leaving tobacco and alcoholic drinks reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. These pathologies represent serious complications in the middle of hyperglycemia. This also leads us to keep checking other indicators such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

Controlling the consumption of carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are the main source of elevations of blood sugar spikes. Remember that when processed by our digestive system, they are absorbed quickly, producing glucose peaks. This confirms the importance of a balanced diet for the human body.

According to the theories on carbohydrates, replacing these sugars with complex carbohydrates allows us to maintain good glucose levels and better digestive health. There are similar and healthier food products, such as fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Finally and as a conclusion, it is important that we exercise with some regularity. In fact, physical activity allows regulating glucose and preventing its transformation into accumulated lipids.

It is possible to start with a walk, but an exercise to be effective must demand an adequate effort, adapted to our personal characteristics. We must make this care something really priority to avoid health problems in the future.


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