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McDonalds: In 1955 he opened the first restaurant of the McDonald’s franchise in the United States. It is now the largest fast food chain in the world and employs 1.9 million people. And the word “McJob” (McEmpleo) has become a term loaded with ridicule.

But how is it really working there?

McDonald’s is an American organization that took the colossal jump to leave its unique market and overcomes the world with its quality. As indicated by specialists, the key to making progress is to offer an amazing connection between quality and cost. Excellent figures accompany this company: 26 thousand stores around the world, 14 billion meals sold per year, 5 new stores open every day, a sale of 145 hamburgers per second and one and a half million employees.

McDonald’s is world-renowned, both for being a high-quality commercial organization and for being one of the best franchise opportunities. The key to McDonald’s success is having a very firm base in its franchisees. In 1971, McDonald’s made the leap to Asia and opened in Tokyo. A few months later, he opened his first European restaurant in Holland. McDonald’s boasts 36,000 establishments in 119 countries, making it the largest fast food chain in the world. You are probably interested in making money with the internet, but maybe you are still not sure of any of   methods that exist, today we will try to explain one of the best methods to earn money and how companies like McDonald’s use it to improve their products and services

McDonalds Survey Mcdvoice :

mcdonalds food

Basically they are questionnaires that you must fill out and for that action you will receive a remuneration, in the beginning this type of surveys were face-to-face this means that you had to go to the offices of the company and fill in the survey, then the marketing companies realized that there were not enough people willing to leave everything they were doing to go to an office and give their opinion, even a paid chair was good, so they decided to hire people and send them home to meet their clients, they also used to put them indoors in places like universities or restaurants, in this case, they did not usually give you cash but they gave you some souvenir of the brand as a hat, a glass or a poster.

The need to watch or research realities about a circumstance drives us to direct a study. As we specified toward the starting, a review is a technique for social occasion data. What do we have to lead a study? First of all a sample consisting of a series of individuals with similar characteristics, which will give us a reference on what we want to know about a larger population, from which we have precisely extracted that sample. For instance, an example of voters is acquired before a race, so as to realize what the voters consider the competitors.

On the off chance that you need to dispatch an item, we can have an example of individuals who enable us to choose the new kinds of a frozen yogurt mark. Today like never before we have to comprehend what individuals need, not just the purchasers of a brand or administration however about the general conduct of the person, their inclinations, needs. This requirement for data drives organizations or associations to put their trust and work with overviews.

To access the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction survey, you need:

  1. Enter the McDonald’s Customer satisfaction survey at the following internet link : Official Website
  2. Select the language of your preference.
  3. To start the survey, you have to introduce the information appearing in your receipt such as store number, KS number, date of visit, time of visit, order, and spent amount.
  4. Try to recall the last visit to a McDonald’s restaurant and respond to the entire questionnaire based on the experience you had that specific day.
  5. Answer all questions honestly.
  6. At the end of the survey, you are going to receive a validation code that can be used to trade in the extraordinary offer in print on your receipt.
  7. Copy the code provided on your receipt and uses it to obtain the offer. Nevertheless, it is good to recall that this offer has a 30-day expiration time after the receipt date, and is valid at participating McDonald’s. The offer is limited to a person per visit and it cannot be duplicated, sold, transferred, or transmitted electronically.


McDonalds states that;

We want to provide you with the best experience of our products. Sometimes we show you personalized ads making deductions about your interests based on your activity on our sites and products. In the restaurant sector, a crucial factor is finding a balance when determining strategies when investing. Being a turn that combines a product and a service, growth must occur in an integral way; that the investment in one aspect is not at the expense of the other. An exit survey for restaurants can be very helpful in planning new strategies when investing. How much help? You can read this article to discover the benefits of applying an exit survey.

Why did they pay me to fill out surveys?

The answer is very simple because these companies will earn much more money with the information you give them that they spent, the idea is simple for a company to remain competitive, it must constantly be aware of the needs of its customers, in addition to this They can create new products of interest to their customers and thus open new market niches and earn more money.

For several years now, McDonald’s chain of fast food restaurants aims to distinguish itself from the rest as a center aimed at spending a good time with the family. For that same reason, the company has developed different campaigns with the aim of promoting family reconciliation. From the classic ‘Happy Meal’ to the leisure centers aimed at the little ones. Participating is very simple. You have to register and complete your user profile. Then you must wait for an invitation to participate by email. Some users may take longer than others to receive their first survey because we will only send you invitations to polls that are in accordance with your interests and your profile.

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Why take the survey for McDonald’s?

1. A vision that points to customers and recognition. Dominate the global foodservice industry, through customer satisfaction. Be recognized by employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, investors and the general public.

2. Promote innovation. Anticipate market changes and possible problems that may arise.

3. Management policy of open doors. It is said that managers and middle managers are always accessible. It always seeks to eliminate bureaucracy and any employee can approach with confidence and talk to their directors. The opinion of the collaborators is constantly requested, surveys are carried out and they are taken into account for important decisions.

4. Clear mission. Serve quickly a limited menu of appetizing hot food in a clean and friendly restaurant for a good price.

5. Ambitious corporate objectives. Achieve 100% of total customer satisfaction every day in each restaurant.

6. Target successfully. One of McDonald’s main customer groups is young marriages with several children. Given the average aging of the population, McDonald’s holds the particular interest in the adult market.


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