5 Map Apps To Navigate Abroad Without Internet


Although many of us like adventure, when we go to a city that we do not know, the best thing is to have some kind of help that allows us to locate the main points of interest or get better guidance. Taking advantage of current technology we can make use of the different applications for mobile phones available, as well as the navigation systems that incorporate the current smartphones. But it is important if we do not want surprises in the bill, to have GPS applications that have the option of navigating abroad without the need of an internet connection, or what is the same, have an offline map mode.

TomTom Go Mobile, one of the best driving experiences


A whole classic. The famous company faced with the lower demand for GPS products launched its own application to be installed on mobile devices. With all the experience harvested over the years and a very broad database, TomTom Go Mobile is one of the best options.

Some maps that we can use offline and that offers us traffic data, radars and much more. Currently, the application is free, when the old version was pure and hard commercial software. Both in the App Store and in Google Play we will find different versions depending on what we want to drive (its greatest strength, since that is the basis of the entire TomTom experience) or other uses. The application itself does not cost anything, but we will have to pay 5.99 euros for a month of navigation without a limit of kilometers traveled or 19.99 euros for a year.

Download | TomTom Android | TomTom iOS

Maps.Me, open and highly updated maps


Maps.M e, also known as Maps With Me, is an application, available for both iOS and Android, which allows us to have offline maps without the need of any internet connection. Based on OpenStreetMap , encompassing both cities and routes with very complete information. Formerly there was a paid version, but now it’s free.

With coverage for all countries and cities, as well as search and mark options, Maps.M e stands out for the frequent renewal of its database , so that sometimes we will have more up-to-date information than that available in other applications. than with other applications.

Download | Maps.Me Android | Maps.Me iOS

BackCountry Navigator PRO, special for walkers

BackCountry Navigator PRO is an application that has very little to do with the rest. Basically, because it has not been designed to guide us in the city or look for the next exit on the highway, but to provide safe and accurate guidance to mountaineers and hikers. To do this, it uses an extensive topographic database and works without the need of an internet connection or telephone coverage, since it is very possible that its users are far away from the nearest antenna.

Available only for Android devices, its price is 12.99 euros. Its creators are also working on an improved version that will be released next year under the name of BackCountry Navigator XE , at which time they will offer some kind of migration service for their current customers. A must for lovers of adventure.

Download | BackCountry Navigator PRO Android

HERE WeGo, a powerful alternative to Google


Formerly known as Here Maps, this old application with roots in Windows Phone and Nokia devices has made the leap to all platforms. Now it’s called HERE WeGo, and although at the beginning it was reputed to be something like the second alternative to Google Maps, now it’s a very powerful option. So much so that its maps and technology are integrated into the browsers of brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The mobile version is extremely robust and incorporates advanced features such as navigation with voice, public transport routes and support for platforms such as Cabify and Car2Go , so it will not matter if we go on foot, by bike, in our own car or in a vehicle alien. And above is one of the most elegant apps there.

Download | HERE WeGo Android | HERE WeGo iOS

Google Maps in offline mode, the standard


Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation applications that exist, but not everyone uses the offline option. For this, we only have to activate the corresponding option, which is in the section marked clearly as “offline maps”. Then we can download the municipality we prefer or create custom maps by marking a specific area on the screen. In this way, we have more control over the data stored in our device, since the downloaded maps take up a lot of space.

Maps downloaded for offline use will be updated from time to time to ensure they are up to date. If we wish, we can make this type of updates only through Wi-Fi to avoid excessive consumption of our data rate.

Now it is a question that each user determines which application is the most appropriate according to the needs. From the free to the paid options, all have their positive and negative points. The important thing is to have a navigation application on our mobile phone that can take us out of trouble on many occasions, especially when we do not know the city we visited.


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